Veneer Inventory Management

A complete management system for manufacturing & selling veneer.

With 25 years' experience we have developed a complete Information Management System for manufacturing & selling veneer.  From purchasing & selling logs, plant production, inventory, grading, showing, & quotes.  If you are in veneer manufacturing, the  Veneer Software & Hardware System will be a welcome addition to your company.

  • Complete bundle-by-bundle view of the log being sorted for accurate study and analysis
  • Bundle assignment for grading pallets, using unique barcodes on each bundle
  • Pallet totals kept on screen for tracking progress of sorting
  • Pallet designation controlled by user for pallet number and assigned grade
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Sorting & Grading Line Software

All sorting can be done through the use of a handheld, tablet-sized computer, allowing the operator the freedom of moving about the sorting line while staying connected to the system through a real-time wireless connection. Also available at the sorting and grading line is voice recognition technology, which frees the operator from the tedious task of typing and allows for even faster sorting and grading.

Clipping Line Software & Hardware System

Capture fast and accurate measurements of your veneer that simultaneously organizes each pallet and bundle through barcode tracking. The unique combination of TimberSoft's clipping line software, and measuring hardware produces an accurate measurement list for each log, maintaining your customer’s confidence in what they ordered.

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A few clients already using TimberSoft’s Veneer Inventory System:

  • International Veneer & Timber
  • Michigan Veneer
  • Atlantic Veneer
  • Thiesing Veneer Company
  • Interwood Forest Products
  • Amos Hill Associates
  • Dooge Veneers
  • International Veneer Company
  • And many more...

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