Lumber Mill Inventory Management

Your log and lumber inventory is the heart of your business. Maintain clear visibility of costs, profit margins, and stock during every phase of operations. Down to the board foot.
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Faster, more effortless log purchasing and procurement.

Improve vendor negotiation and streamline purchasing contracts by leveraging supply chain features and custom pricing tables that are based on rates, specie, and more.

Automate the log buying process with tallies that factor species, grade, and price per board foot.

Track expenses from the point of purchase through the point of sale for clear visibility of profit margins during every phase.

Real-time inventory visibility across all locations.

Track and manage inventory whether it's raw logs in the yard, debarked logs being cut, drying in a kiln, or on a pallet ready for sale.

Handhelds that track the work as it happens, where it happens.

Our lightweight Android™ handheld systems keep you agile in the yard, tracking the work as it happens, while preventing common errors caused by manual tracking.

With best in class ruggedness and up to 28 hours of battery life, these handhelds are ready for work! Whether you use barcode tags or not, instantly available tallies and an ergonomic work experience make these units a must-have.

Base your system off the scale rule of your choice including Doyle, Scribner, International, JAS, and more.

Build and track pallets.

Pack a pallet and then review and track log consumption and lumber production using an end tally, total measurements in a surface tally, or board count in a pack tally.

Track when inventory has been shipped and sold.

Lumber is automatically depleted from inventory as it's sold leaving behind insights into actual profit margins and cost of goods.

Reports built from business metrics that matter most to you.

Tracking inventory data is important. What that data can tell you is mission critical. Powerful reports give you the ability to make better decisions and respond quickly to demands in the market or in your operations.

Choose from an extensive library of report templates, or go in-depth with customized reporting based on your unique needs.

Custom solutions, just for you.

We understand that every business is unique.
The inventory management system can be configured to meet the specific needs of your lumber mill.

A process for every phase of lumber manufacturing.

Learn more about specific solutions for each phase of wood inventory management.

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