Log Purchasing

Pain-free contracts, expense sheets, and reconciliation of new inventory. Work with your suppliers and ensure you're tracking all the right data from the point of purchase onwards.
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Custom pricing tables make complex purchase transactions quick and easy.

Pre-define rates, payment splits, and more for suppliers that you do business with. Refine your pricing structures using attributes such as specie, grade, supplier, and logs.

Track expenses from the start. Make smarter decisions as you work.

Easily assign any expense breakdown at the point of purchase. The result is a clear visibility of profit margins during every phase. From stock through production, and to the eventual point of sale.

Purchase logs by weight.

Integrate with your scale to compare the inbound and outbound vehicle weights to determine weight of logs purchased. Follow up with a scale house ticket.

Combine purchasing and scaling in logs into a single efficient workflow.

When your point of purchase happens at the same time as scaling in the load, a log tally can become your purchase receipt. Provide the printable tally as a formal contract to your supplier and then begin tracking your new inventory.

A purchasing system that works for you. Whatever your process. Whomever your supplier.

Whether you're making timber tract agreements with landowners ahead of time or on-the-fly transactions that happen when scaling in logs. If you're completing roadside transactions or purchases delivered to your yard by regular suppliers. Our system adapts to your purchasing processes and streamlines transactions.

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