Sales Transactions for Logs, Lumber, and Finished Goods

Your inventory could be your most valuable asset. Our system helps you gain the most value possible out of your inventory while streamlining the sales process.
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Sales made easy.

Easily build and generate sales tallies, from comprehensive purchase orders all the way down to one-off selective criteria.

Wireless mode for walking the yard or tract.

Our Android™ powered handhelds can leverage mobile phone hotspots for remote sales transactions from any location. Whether you're walking the yard or timber tract.

With best in class ruggedness and up to 28 hours of battery life, these devices are ready for work!

Accurate understanding of your margins when working with buyers.

Complex contracts and unique criteria during the purchasing process means that every load can have it's own unique set of expenses.

Understanding exact costs and available profit margins help you make informed decisions about pricing and production.

Build unique sales presentations from your inventory.

Define a list of inventory and assign custom or default pricing in an experience designed to make delivering detailed buyer show presentations a breeze!

Web-based visual inventory.

Allow buyers to remotely search your inventory in a browsing experience that can be embedded on your website. Users or sales representatives can save inventory into a custom show for future access. A high-definition and to-scale image viewer lets them zoom in on the grain so they can choose the ideal logs.

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International sales.

We understand that your business isn't limited by borders. Track and identify outgoing inventory by shipping containers using barcodes.

Leverage handhelds to load containers and then access instantly available packing lists, sales tally reports, and bills of lading.

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