From the Forest to Finished Goods.

Inventory management for wood industries that saves time, eliminates errors, and leads to smarter, data-informed decisions.
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Hardwood & softwood inventory management solutions for your industry.

Real-time inventory visibility across all locations.

Track and manage inventory across multiple locations, reducing the risk of stock discrepancies and improving the accuracy of inventory records. In your yard or in the field.

Move inventory faster with a barcode system.

By streamlining the purchasing, inventory management, and production processes we've eliminated hundreds of hours spent on data entry.

Lightweight Android™ handheld systems keep you agile in the yard, tracking the work as it happens while preventing common errors caused by manual tracking. With best in class ruggedness and up to 28 hours of battery life, these devices are ready for work!

Track built-in costs and contracts.

Complex contracts and unique criteria during the purchasing process means that every load can have it's own unique set of expenses.

Understanding exact costs and available profit margins help you make informed decisions about pricing and production.

Reports built from business metrics that matter most to you.

Tracking inventory data is important. What that data can tell you is mission critical. Powerful reports give you the ability to make better decisions and respond quickly to demands in the market or in your operations.

Choose from an extensive library of report templates, or go in-depth with customized reporting based on your unique needs.

Not just an inventory system, we're your support system.

While others might sell you a product and send you on your way, we're right there with you helping you get the most out of your new system. We even throw in a year of custom report creation.

Trusted by Customers

With nearly 40 years of providing inventory management hardware and software to the wood industry, we have distinct experience delivering dependable solutions to the challenges our customers face.

"We are so much more efficient. Everything is so easy and accurate... we can concentrate on our business."

- International Veneer Company
"The TimberSoft program is relied on every day at Michigan Veneer. It has helped to make our company more profitable..."

- Michigan Veneer
"I absolutely love it. Everybody I talk to that uses Timbersoft feels the same way. It is so simple..."

- JM Barbee