Standing Timber.

Cruise, track, report.
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Accurate estimates of inventory in the field.

Timber cruising with a handheld device helps build a detailed estimate of standing timber.

GPS tagging for precise location and quality of logs available to be harvested.

Mark the exact location of logs in the field so you know where specific species and grades are at.

Become EU forestry regulation trade compliant before the 2025 deadline. View Regulatory FAQ.

Track contracts, costs, and payment splits to loggers, haulers, and land owners.

Create an expense sheet for standing timber which tracks account payables and complex contract arrangements.

Use this data to compare total value to associated costs in a profit & loss estimate for uncut inventory and tracts.

Clear insights into standing timber inventory.

Once in the office, review logs in the field and build tract status reports based on parameters such as specie, grade, supplier, etc.

Reconcile scaled in logs with standing timber estimates.

Once the timber has been cut and delivered, compare what you actually received to estimates or timber cruising data.

Learn more about Timbersoft inventory management for standing timber.

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