Scaling In Log Loads

Tag it, record it, track it. Scale in logs from tracts, suppliers, roadside purchases, and more.
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Ergonomic entry process makes adding new inventory a breeze.

Go completely mobile using our versatile Android™ handheld devices to record physical metrics and log characteristics. Everywhere we can save a keystroke or a button press, we have.

Scale in faster with barcodes.

Using the barcodes on your log tags, scan in pre-tagged logs or tag and scan in tandem.

If you choose not to use tags, our system can still easily record and track each individual log in your inventory.

Integrate with your scale.

Connect to your scale for an integrated log intake process that generates a scale house ticket.

Combine purchasing and scaling in logs into a single efficient workflow.

When your point of purchase happens at the same time as scaling in the load, a log tally can become your purchase receipt. Provide the printable tally as a formal contract to your supplier and then begin tracking your new inventory.

Reconcile estimates with actual inventory received.

Compare delivered logs with estimates from standing timber or log sellers.

International orders.

Track purchased inventory by container and then reconcile inventory when it's scaled in.

Learn more about Timbersoft solutions for scaling in logs.

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