Log Purchases & Sales System

Our log inventory management system tracks standing timber inventories and streamlines the purchase or sale of logs.

TimberSoft's log procurement and inventory management software tracks standing timber inventories and streamlines the purchase or sale of logs. Our log inventory software & hardware is a perfect solution for log buyers or sellers, veneer manufacturers, sawmills, stave manufacturers, forest or wood product companies, and many more!

TimberSoft's Log Purchase & Sales System can be purchased individually as applications or as a complete package which includes the following:

  • Log Purchases with Handhelds
  • Woodwork PC/Server Back-end System
  • Standing Timber & Cruising Timber System
  • Log Sales
  • Log Reporting PC Software
  • Handheld Units
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Log Purchases with Handhelds

Automates the log buying process by tallying each log, tracking species, log tagging, calculating board footage, cutbacks on both length or width, and value vs cost on a purchase-by-purchase basis.

This application can be personally configured to meet almost any log buying need!

Every handheld can support multiple scale rules, including Doyle, Scribner, International, JAS, and more. Any specified species, and their respective grades, can be purchased on any selected scale rule. Logs can also be purchased by weight.

Other Features include:

Repricing of logs, adding or removing freight costs, and displayed running totals of your most important data including:

Log counts

Purchase cost

Board feet


... and AVG $/MBF

Log Sales

Our Log Sales System automates the log selling process by creating sales tallies and providing instant insight into realized profits by calculating sales value vs actual cost.

Log Reporting PC Software

Import the raw data from TimberSoft modules to your PC which enables powerful reporting such as sales analysis, purchase analysis, standing timber reports, log profitability analysis, and more!

Our system comes with over 1,000 standardized reports which have been developed based on 30 years of experience. We also support tailored reports specific to your needs.

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Woodwork: PC/Server Backend System

After the log buyer is done scaling in logs, they transfer the purchases via the click of a button which then is received in our PC Server System called Woodwork.

From there, the user is able to review and edit those purchases. After the purchases are finalized within Woodwork, the user is then able to pull reports based on date range, specie, grade, buyer, and supplier.

Our Sales and Saw programs give us the capability for live inventory tracking by relieving the log data during those processes.  We also have the capability of paying settlements to land owners, log buyers, haulers, and truckers.

Whether you are a sawmill, veneer log broker, or a manufacturer, we have a working system for you! Check out our sawmill software!

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Standing Timber & Cruising Timber

Real-time inventory tracking based on location and timber tract including cut vs standing logs. Tracks costs and payments to loggers & haulers. Compare against cruising timber estimates. Estimate the value of standing timber on land based on footage, species and grade.

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Handheld Units

The TimberSoft Log Purchases & Sales System comes with Motorola handheld units which give you an edge in on-location inventory tracking, purchases, and sales!

The printed tallies and instant calculations will give you a professional image that customers can trust. With the mobile apps, you can easily see how much of each grade you are buying or selling, allowing you the competitive power you need.

Remove all of your pencil and paper work with instant log tagging and mobile Scanning. Analyze log purchases on the spot by specie, grade, or log by log. With your mobile device you will have the ability to upload data instantly while accurately monitoring all phases of the purchase and sales process.

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Motorola Handheld Devices

The Motorola MC9590 is built to withstand the same harsh field conditions and relentless weather a forester must face, but, retains mobility by weighing less than 2 pounds.  Equipped with an 806 Mhz processor, 3.7” color touch screen, WiFi, 3.7 V battery, and barcode scanning technology, this versatile hardware chops down a forester’s otherwise tedious work process. The Windows Mobile 6.5 Operating System ensures seamless connectivity to a Windows PC for syncing files and backing-up data.

Click here to download the Motorola handheld spec sheet.

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